Aggressive Drivers Don't Win the Parking War

Taking the first spot you see may be best strategy

Mall parking lots around Christmas brings out the naughty and nice in drivers. But experts say the nonaggressive parker usually ends up winning the war.

A study by Response Insurance shows that having patience can actually get you into the mall faster.

Drivers who take the open spots -- no matter how close or how far -- tend to have the lowest stress levels. And those who take the first spot they see also get into the mall faster, even though they likely will walk farther.

Jennifer Maggiora, who works at Grapevine Mills, agreed.

“It's kind of not worth it sometimes to drive around and waste the gas to try and get a spot up here,” she said.

Response Insurance says roaming the aisles looking for the perfect spot is stress-provoking. The company also says that waiting at the end of a particular aisle for a spot to open up or stalking exiting shoppers can lead to conflicts with other drivers.

Valet parking is offered at Grapevine Mills, but shoppers such as Edward Davis aren’t fans of it.

Davis, who was in a walking boot for a torn tendon in his foot, said he prefers a closer spot if it’s available.

“I'm a nice guy," he said. "There is always a spot for me."

Connecticut-based Response Insurance says side entrances usually have less traffic and more convenient spaces.

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