Novacek Welcomes At-Risk Children to His Ranch for the Holidays

Boys from Fort Worth's Hope Farm have visited the former Cowboy's ranch each of the last four years

It's become a holiday tradition for the young boys at Fort Worth's Hope Farm.

For the last four years, the boys have had the chance to hang out at former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek's North Texas ranch. 

"These are inner city boys that do not have a father figure in their lives," Novacek said.

Kids like 14-year-old Jay Royce. Royce's dad is stationed in Germany, but with the help of Hope Farm, he has a male mentor while his dad's serving our country.

"It provides me someone to look up to and talk to and just kinda watch out for me," Royce said.

This day is an opportunity for the kids to run around and have fun.

Countless volunteers made sure no one left empty handed.

"Every single boy gets a toy bag from Santa," said Amy Novacek, Jay's wife.

The Novacek's don't just help fill up the gift bags, they also pour into the young kids hearts.

"When I come down the driveway, I see God's gifts everyday," Amy explained.  "The sun, the trees, the animals -- and I want to share that."

Jay likes to encourage the kids, just like his dad did for him.

"My dad is still my hero," Jay said.

Jay's dad was a football coach.

"My entire life, that's all I wanted to do and the reason why is because of my dad," he said.

His dad's support helped Jay achieve his dream of playing professional football for the Dallas Cowboys.

Odds are these kids won't become professional athletes, but with support of others, you just never know.

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