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Watch Your Speed on the New Chisholm Trail Parkway



    Watch your speed driving the new Chisholm Trail Parkway. The speed limit changes 4 times over the nearly 28 mile length of the toll road. (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    Officials are warning drivers to watch their speed on the new Chisholm Trail Parkway; the speed limit on the roadway changes four times over the nearly 28-mile toll road.

    The speed limit starts at 50 mph leaving downtown Fort Worth from Interstate 30. Then, eight miles later, the speed increases to 60 mph just north of state Highway 183.

    Travel seven miles south to Altamesa Boulevard and the speed limit changes once again, this time to 70 mph.

    “It's kind of two different areas," said NTTA spokesman Michael Rey. “You’ve got a very urban area near downtown Fort Worth and then you’re very, very far out in wide open spaces."

    The toll road stays at 70 mph for the next 13 miles, all the way through Johnson County to U.S. Highway 67, then drops down to 55 mph entering Cleburne.

    “I think it’s well marked,” Rey said. “I think motorists should have every opportunity to know the speed around them."

    An upcoming traffic survey could lead to possible changes, but Fort Worth insists the 50 mph stretch within the city limits remain that way.

    “The city and TxDOT wanted a parkway feel,” Rey said. “And to do that, among several things they’ve done, is keep the speed limit at 50 miles per hour to keep it more of a gentle, rolling roadway”

    State troopers will immediately enforce the speed limit along the toll road and drivers shouldn't expect to receive only a warning if they're stopped for driving too fast. The Texas Department of Public Safety said there’s no grace period to drivers on new roads.