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Upside-Down Flag Protest Draws Flack From Neighbors



    Upside-Down Flag Protest Draws Flack From Neighbors

    In Garland, a homeowner is catching a lot of flack for hanging his American flag upside down in protest of the U.S. government.

    "I put my life on the line so you could disagree with me, but not spit in my face like that," said neighbor and Vietnam war veteran Miguel Rodriguez. "When you do that, you're offending me, as a veteran."

    Rodriguez said his daughter and 10-year-old grandson found the inverted flag very offensive as well, though not  all neighbors are angry with the protest.

    Two doors down, Kathy Faz chooses to hang her flag correctly, but says she can understand the homeowner's resentment.

    "I think it's his right to protest, I really do," said Kathy Faz. "There are a lot of things that our government is not listening to."

    The homeowner who is flying the flag upside down was not able to be reached for comment, but had a large note taped to his door that said the following:

    "I am not protesting America. I am protesting Congress. This house has 24 years with U.S. Navy and believes our nation is in distress. It is not disgracing the flag. The commander-in-chief is disgracing our troops. Do not ask me to turn it over or you will be escorted off my property. All others are welcome."

    "Whatever you're disagreeing about, Obama or Congress, that's what he has on his door, that's your fight. Not the flag," said Rodriguez.