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TxDOT Wants 4,383-Day Streak of Deaths to End

More than 42,000 killed on Texas roads since 2000



    TxDOT Wants 4,383-Day Streak of Deaths to End

    The Texas Department of Transportation released a sobering statement Wednesday, that every day since Nov. 7, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roads.

    Over the last 12 years, or as of this writing the last 4,383 days, TxDOT says the total number of people killed on Texas roads is at 41,252. That number equals roughly the population of San Marcos and equates to an average of nine deaths per day.

    With that in mind, TxDOT is asking drivers to "step up safety" in order to end the streak of deaths on Texas roads.

    “One fatality on a Texas roadway is one too many, and to see as many as eight or 10 in a single day is unacceptable,” said Phil Wilson TxDOT executive director. “As we acknowledge these tragic statistics, we are asking Texans to please help us make our roadways safer.”

    TxDOT is partnering with the Texas Department of Public Safety in a campaign to make Texas roads safer.  One way they'll do that is to display the number of fatalities on dynamic message signs on Texas highways -- for this year alone that number is 2,545 people.  That's a figure that should resonate with most drivers.

    Those messages will also be paired with driving tips reminding drivers to pay attention, use seatbelts, put away mobile phones and to pass on the left. Of course, they'll also use Texas State Troopers to enforce laws and improve safety.

    “Texas state troopers are dedicated to protecting the public and they will continue working to identify and remove dangerous drivers from our highways,” DPS Director Steven McCraw said. “I urge all drivers traveling in our state to do their part by driving responsibly, eliminating distractions, adhering to the posted traffic signs and ensuring everyone in the vehicle is buckled up. Together we can reduce the dangers on our roadways and improve safety for everyone.”

    While TxDOT and DPS will continue to work to enhance safety, citizens are asked to step up and do their part to keep Texas roadways safe.