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Tugg Gets His Day

Rescued dog becomes award winner



    Tugg Gets His Day
    Blake Ovard
    Tugg the rescued bull terrier

    by Bruce Felps

    Tied to a stake and pretty much left to die, a dog now named Tugg experienced his lucky day.

    A kindhearted someone snatched him from death’s door, and Blake and Kim Ovard of Cleburne, a pair of animal control officers, adopted the bull terrier, which is close to but not the same as a pit bull — and by the way, “pit bull” is just a wretched, slang breed ID for Staffordshire terriers and canine relatives thrown by humans into fighting pits.

    OK, sorry, anyway, Tugg, according to an article at the Dallas edition of Examiner.com, grew to be a fine lad who cares for others.

    His rescue and healing plight went online, where he gained fans and renown. He and his humans parlayed that recognition into fundraising appeal, and Tugg’s help benefit the likes of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and various pet rescue groups.

    Tugg also works with kids through his “You are great just the way you are” program for self-esteem problems.

    Cool dog.

    Now he’s set to get his due. Tugg’s one of five national winners of the AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence, which will be bestowed Dec. 17 during the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando.

    Just goes to show that a little love, faith, care, and respect could turn the most beat-down being — dog, human, whatever — into a winner.

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