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Taking a Risk to Inspire All



    Taking a Risk to Inspire All

    A new magazine rolls off the presses next month, published by a woman in Grapevine who is looking to offer some inspiration in these tough times. Lumbie Mlambo has no experience in the magazine business, but she's doing it anyway. She believes the time is right for Equanimity.

    "I want people to know it's not just a magazine. It's more about encouraging others, motivating others and inspiring others to not give up," said Mlambo.

    Her own inspiration starts with her father and his life in South Africa. "My father was an orphan at 8 years old." said Mlambo. "At 8, he was left with just his siblings. His parents were killed in the house they lived in."

    Her father survived those harsh years. He never went to school, yet his 10 children all born in Zimbabwe, all have college degrees.
    Mlambo's is in computer science from Texas Woman's University in Denton. "My father wanted to make sure he gave us life, so we could make a difference." said Mlambo.

    New Magazine Hopes to Help Others

    [DFW] New Magazine Hopes to Help Others
    New North Texas magazine hopes to offer inspiration in tough economic times.
    (Published Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009)

    But her path toward making a difference almost stopped 8 years ago at age 36, she had a stroke that paralyzed her.
    "It really changed my life. I never thought I was gonna make it," said Mlambo. In those moments of despair, she discovered her own strength.

    A year later, she was back modeling, her first career, acting and a radio show followed.  Eventually, the married mother of 2 settled into software development and now publisher of Equanimity.

    "If I can come up with something like that that teaches people how to be productive, balance their lives in order to achieve something they've always wanted to do, I would've succeeded," said Mlambo. She does a lot of the work herself, and puts up a lot of the money, too.

    And Mlambo believes the magazine answers the call from her father so many years ago to make a difference.  "Life is about finding yourself, and finding who you are and making changes," said Mlambo. "I want people to know they can achieve anything and that, anybody can balance their life."