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Grenade Found at Senior Living Facility



    Grenade Found at Senior Living Facility

    Rockwall police disposed of a grenade found at a senior living facility.

    The grenade was found at the Emeritus at Summer Ridge senior living facility at 3020 Ridge Rd.

    According to Rod Jolly, Executive Director of the facility, the family of a resident that had recently passed away was going through his belongings and found a grenade.

    The teenage granddaughter pulled the pin on the grenade, causing it to smoke, according to Jolly.

    Rockwall police say the family members believe the device was a practice grenade from the Korean War.

    Garland Police Department's Explosive Ordnance Unit assisted Rockwall police with the disposal.

    A bomb disposal unit was dispatched to the scene after bomb squad members went inside the facility to investigate the grenade. A bomb squard robot retrieved the grenade and placed it into the bomb disposal unit after 3 p.m. The device was transported to a safe and remote lcoation where it was destroyed, according to Rockwall police.

    Officials at the scene say everyone at the facility is safe. Residents that were evacuated due to the situation will be returned to the building after the bomb squad has cleared the building.

    Jolly says weapons of any sort are not permitted on the property and that the staff was unaware the resident had the item in his belongings.