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Student Banned from Graduation: "Bittersweet Day"

Keller ISD stops 12 students from walking across the stage because of senior pranks.



    Student Banned from Graduation: "Bittersweet Day"

    Hundreds walked across the stage for high school graduation Saturday. But a notable few in Fort Worth did not after a senior prank got out of hand. (Published Sunday, June 3, 2012)

    Martin Alvarez is one of the 12 students out.  Out of their graduation ceremony a dozen years of school in the making.

    Alvarez showed up anyway in his cap and gown and sat in the stands.  He wasn't looking for sympathy.  He just wanted to share in the experience the best he could.

    The Keller Central High graduate maintained he's "accused" of throwing a water bottle but says he was just a bystander during all the mayhem on May 25th.

    "I was just observing," said Alvarez.  "I was trying to dodge food and all the liquids that was going everywhere."

    NBC5 talked to other families and graduates about this day.  One parent told us she thinks the kids banned from the ceremonies got off easy.  She thinks some with scholarships should lose them.

    But graduating senior Scott Pool wasn't thinking that much about those who didn't walk.  He was very much in the moment on that stage at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

    "You had so many people around looking at you, you're kinda at the center of the stage.  It felt good," said Pool.

    Alvarez says he feels good, too.  He has graduation parties to go to.  He's focused on the future which he says includes playing football for Southwestern Oklahoma.  Any lessons learned?

    "There's no lesson to this.  It's a joke," said Alvarez.