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Sister's Plea to #SingForNicole Goes Viral



    After losing her 15-year-old sister, a devoted fan of the British boy band One Direction this weekend, Kelly Wilson of Plano took to Twitter with an unusual request. Wilson, using the hashtag #SingForNicole, is requesting the band dedicate a song to Nicole's memory during their August concert in DFW. The hashtag is now trending nationwide. (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    It was Christmas 2013 when Nicole Wilson opened up the gift of a lifetime.

    In family movies, you can hear her excitement, as she gasps, "oh my gosh, I'm going to the One Direction concert?"

    Her older sister, Kelly, says she and the girls' father had spent hours tracking down tickets, refreshing web pages and finally, having luck, with seats near the front row for the upcoming August concert.

    "I couldn't wait to give them to her for her birthday," said Kelly Wilson. "We had to give them to her at Christmas."

    Nicole had been counting down. The date was marked on her calendar.

    But over the weekend, tragedy struck.

    "When I went to wake her up Saturday morning, she was already gone," said her sister.

    Nicole, just 15, was a Type 1 diabetic. Her family says she'd been living with the disease for more than a decade.

    Early Saturday morning, her family says it appears Nicole passed away because of a complication.

    "She was always smiling," Wilson said.

    "She lived with diabetes for 13 years and you would have never known."

    As they began to deal with grief, the family started thinking about how to honor Nicole.

    They hatched an idea for a One Direction dedication.

    "My dad said, I'm going to write on their website," said Kelly Wilson. "I said, I'll just tweet them. An hour later, it was already viral."

    The hashtag #SingForNicole was born.

    Kelly says she wants to see the British boy band dedicate a song, preferably her sister's favorite "Story of My Life" at their August DFW concert.

    To stir support, she sent a tweet to @OneDirection on Monday night.

    Before lunch on Tuesday, #SingForNicole was not only trending in Dallas-Fort Worth, but the entire United States.

    The band hasn’t answered – yet. They're currently on a world tour.

    If they announce plans to make the dedication, Wilson says she and her father will be there, in those nearly front-row seats.

    She adds they have a feeling they'll have company in spirit. "She'll definitely be there."