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Santa-Style Burglary Instead Ends in Chimney Rescue

Man suspected of burglary calls for help after getting trapped in chimney



    An attempted burglary turned into a rescue mission in Arlington when a man got stuck in the chimney.

    "I just thought, the guy must believe in Santa. But he doesn't know you have to have magic to do this?" said the homeowner, Judy.

    She did not want her last name identified.

    Judy saw Arlington firefighters use a crane to pull Justin Cain out.

    Homeowner: Would-Be Burglar "Must Believe in Santa"

    [DFW] Homeowner: Would-Be Burglar "Must Believe in Santa"
    An Arlington homeowner is bemused by a man's alleged attempt to break in via the chimney.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011)

    "He's covered in soot, and, bless his heart, he didn't have a shirt on, and he only had one sock on. The other one must still be in the chimney," she said.

    She said neighbors called police -- and then called her -- when they heard someone calling for help at the vacant home she owns.

    "Someone was yelling very loud, 'Help! Help! Help me!' And they thought (it was) coming from inside the house," she said.

    Miami Police Department

    She drove over to open the door for police only to find out that her keys weren't needed.

    "They said, 'No, no, we don't need to get in the house,'" she said. "And I said, 'Why? They told me someone was in the house.' And they said no, apparently someone is on the roof, in the chimney."

    Cain is charged with burglary and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He also had an outstanding warrant.