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Record Losing Streak in Lotto Texas

Gamblers still unlucky in the Lone Star State



    Record Losing Streak in Lotto Texas
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    Saturday’s Lotto Texas drawing will be drawing 51 since the last time there was a jackpot winner.

    Fifty drawings without a jackpot winner is the longest losing streak in Lotto Texas history. The previous steak was 47 drawings in a row.

    Mega Millions and Powerball have lured some players away, according to Texas Lottery officials. 

    The newer games are played in several states and offer bigger jackpots.

    Lotto Texas on a Losing Streak

    [DFW] Lotto Texas on a Losing Streak
    There have been 50 Texas Lotto Texas drawings since the last winner in October. But the losing streak doesn't make it any more likely that someone will win.
    (Published Friday, April 16, 2010)

    The current Lotto Texas jackpot is $78 million. Mega Millions is $122 million, and Power Ball is $212 million.

    The long line of losers doesn’t increase the odds that someone will win, according to Lynne Stokes, a statistical science professor at Southern Methodist University.

    “It’s like starting fresh each time,” said Stokes. “The lottery doesn’t remember -- the balls don’t remember -- whether anybody won last time or not.”

    More Lotto Texas ticket buyers covering number combinations in the game does increase the odds that someone will win the jackpot.

    “The more that’s taken, the greater the chance that someone will win,” said Stokes.

    The rising Lotto Texas jackpot appealed to customers Friday at Fuel City in Dallas.

    “I’m watching the boards, and the money is up and up and up, so I’m buying them,” said Charlene Morgan, who said she rarely plays Lotto.

    If no one wins Saturday’s Lotto Texas drawing, the jackpot will rise to a staggering $80 million.

    Lotto Texas drawings are Wednesday and Saturday nights.