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Puppy Doused With Lighter Fluid Suffers Setback

Doctors guarded about dog's chance of survival



    Puppy Doused With Lighter Fluid Suffers Setback
    DFW Rescue Me
    A 4-month-old Lab-mix puppy is fighting for his life after being doused with lighter fluid and set on fire last week.

    While Dallas police try to figure out who doused a 4-month-old puppy with lighter fluid before setting the dog on fire last week, the puppy known as Justice has suffered a setback.

    The volunteer group DFW Rescue Me has been caring for the puppy at its emergency clinic.  The rescue group named the dog Justice after another dog that was burned three years ago.

    Thursday DFW Rescue Me released a statement:

    "We have had a setback in Justice’s prognosis.  During a procedure last night, his vets discovered that his entire abdomen was burned worse than previously diagnosed. His vet team has consulted with Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital (one of the most cutting edge treatment centers in the country), and Justice is being transported to A&M this afternoon.  He is on pain medication and is sedated during treatments. 

    Puppy Fights for Life After Being Set on Fire

    [DFW] Puppy Fights for Life After Being Set on Fire
    Dallas Police are looking for the people who doused a lab-terrier mix puppy with lighter fluid and set him on fire. The puppy is now known as Justice.
    (Published Tuesday, April 10, 2012)

    "As a group, we at DFW Rescue Me, along with his vets, are very sensitive to the amount of pain he is in and his tolerance of the treatments. If at any time the most humane option is to release him from this world, we will do it.  Until that point, we plan to fight along with him on his path to a wonderful new life."

    Police received a call April 4 at about 9 p.m. about a group of males setting a dog on fire at an apartment complex in Pleasant Grove.

    A witness told police someone poured lighter fluid on the puppy before setting him on fire and that they might have even tried to strangle the dog with a rope.

    Before police arrived, a woman tried to put out the flames while the crowd laughed, witnesses said.

    Dallas police arrived and the crowd scattered. Officers found the Labrador-terrier mix hiding behind an air conditioning unit a short time later.

    Justice is estimated to be burned over 60 percent of his body on his legs, back and face.  

    If police are able to find out who lit Justice on fire, that person could face charges of felony animal cruelty and torture which carries a penalty of 2 to 10 years behind bars.

    Donations for Justice’s ongoing medical care can be made to DFW Rescue Me at www.dfwrescueme.org