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Problem Solved: Samsung Washing Machine Woes



    Problem Solved: Samsung Washing Machine Woes

    A Samsung Washer recall left one North Texas woman wondering about her reimbursement. When she wasn't able to get what she was promised, she contacted NBC 5 Responds for help. (Published Tuesday, March 21, 2017)

    Samsung's recall is simple, if you don't want the washer fixed you can buy a new one and they would give $445 towards another Samsung Washer.

    Valeda Bouyer did just that and sent her receipts for her new washer.

    She was told she had to wait two weeks because of the volume of checks Samsung had to dish out.

    But soon there was another two-week wait for a misspelling on a form, then an address issue and soon that $445 seemed like a pipe dream.

    Our NBC 5 Responds Consumer Investigative Center worked with Samsung and explained how long she waited. In just a few days, we got her refund check.

    Here's what you should know:

    • Recalled items, often times, are big jobs for companies to take on. It doesn't always go smoothly.
    • Do some research to see if people are having better and faster experiences with refunds, replacements or repair.
    • Make copies of all documents you have and always keep tracking information from the post office if you're required to send something back to the company.
    • If you think you're getting the run-around, go over the head of who you're dealing with, ask for a supervisor or someone who can help move the claim along.

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