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One Dead in Officer-Involved Shooting



    One Dead in Officer-Involved Shooting
    The scene of the shooting at the Kiest Crossing Apartments in Dallas.

    One person is dead in a shooting involving police on the 4500-block of West Kiest Boulevard in Dallas.

    The shooting took place at the Kiest Crossing Apartments between Loop 12 and S. Cockrell Hill Road at about 10:45 a.m.

    Dallas police said they were investigating a drug complaint at the apartment complex, which is known for drug activity, when officers spotted a suspicious vehicle.

    When officers approached the vehicle there was a struggle and police said one of the people in the car pulled a gun. Police said that's when officers shot and killed him.

    The other man in the car ran away, but officers found him in an apartment at the complex and he was arrested without incident.

    Dallas police said no officers were injured in the shooting.

    Neighbors Recall Man Shot by Police

    Emelda Ellis moved away from the Keist Crossing Apartments in the past few months.  She told NBC 5 she didn’t think it was a safe place to raise her 7 and 3-year olds.

    “We moved because of the drug activity and constant gunfire,” said Ellis, who was visiting family that still lives at the complex.  She also said she knew of the deceased, a person known as “Q.”

    “I don’t know him personally, but I see him walking around here all the time,” said Ellis.  “He walks a little bitty dog.  Real nice guy.  Never bothered nobody, so I don’t know why this happened to him.”

    Dorothy Jones said she knows Q fairly well. Jones said Friday morning she called him to see if he could take her to pick up her prescriptions at a Walgreens.  He told her he was on his way.

    Minutes later from her apartment she said she heard four gun shots.

    A short time later someone knocked on her door and told her that Q had been shot by police.