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Police Looking For Driver in Lewisville Fatal Hit and Run



    Police Looking For Driver in Lewisville Fatal Hit and Run
    Gov. David Paterson signed a bill this morning that bans authorities from compiling the names and addresses of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who are detained by police each year in stop-and-frisks but are not arrested.

    Lewisville Police found a sports utility vehicle they think was involved in a fatal hit and run accident. They just need to find the SUV's owner.

    The accident killed 42 year-old Ray Torres, and injured the motorcycle passenger, 25 year-old Lindsay Bentley.

    Police have issued two arrest warrants for 19 year-old Ricardo Arroyo. Detectives said they received a tip that led them to believe he was the driver of the SUV on August 8 that hit the motorcycle and drove away. Detectives said Arroyo's SUV was found in central Texas, and had been repaired.

    Bentley's father, Jimmy Willard said his daughter is recovering at Parkland from a shattered pelvis, broken femur, a blood clot in the a lung, and several fractured vertebrae.

    Parents of Fatal Accident Survivor Search for Answers

    [DFW] Parents of Fatal Accident Survivor Search for Answers
    Police in Lewisville are searching for a teenager accused in a deadly hit and run accident. While the lone survivor's parents look for answers and try to cope.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010)

    "When you see her in there suffering, I mean, there's no way to explain the feeling. It just hurts," Willard said from his home in The Colony.

    Bentley is expected to be released from the hospital later this week, but her family said she'll be in a wheelchair for at least three months.

    "Its just hard trying to figure out how to do everything," said Gaile Doetsch, Bentley's step-mother. "How to put her pants on by herself, try to go to the bathroom by herself. Try to be independent in a wheelchair."

    Bentley's parents admit they're mad, and hope Arroyo turns himself in to police.

    "This 19-year-old doesn't understand that he just destroyed his life because he ran. Regardless of that, he just destroyed two families," Doetsch said.

    Bentley doesn't have health insurance, and several motorcycle riding groups in the area are planning charity rides for her.

    Anyone with information on Arroyo's whereabouts can call the Lewisville Police Department at 972-219-8477.