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Time Detectives Spend on Patrol Could Double

Chief Credits Controversial Patrol Plan for Decrease in Crime



    Dallas will end the year with 4 percent overall drop in crime. The city's top cop said crime numbers would likely have been up, if it weren't for a controversial new patrol program he launched this summer. And now, he wants to expand it.

    The plan takes seasoned police detectives out of their offices, and puts them back on the streets, on patrol, for 2-week-rotations.

    Many veteran officers, like Dallas Police Association President, Glenn White, have been opposed to the plan, since day one. “We’re in the job to serve the community, not necessarily arrest you, or lock you up, were there to serve you,” said White.

    The 34-year veteran of the department said the 2 week rotations disrupt investigations into all kinds of crimes, from car break ins to rapes. “Now they are not doing their real job, which is investigating offenses, and they are being berated by citizens because out on patrol, they don't have time to call them back, they don’t have time to do both jobs,” said White.

    Dallas Detectives on Patrol

    [DFW] Dallas Detectives on Patrol
    Police chief said plan is helping reduce crime but not everyone is happy about the program.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011)

    Chief Brown said the program has been so effective at reducing crime, he wants to double the time detectives spend on patrol for a total of 4 weeks. The rotations would be split into 2, 2 week periods.

    “Crime is trending down nationwide, so the city of Dallas is obviously part of that,” said White. “I don't think its through any fantastic initiative the chief has done.”

    Chief Brown said citizens aren’t the only ones to benefit from the program, the detectives do, as well.

    Brown told the Public Safety Committee some officers quickly figured out their uniforms or bulletproof vests no longer fit. In today’s environment, Chief Brown said all officers should be able to report for duty in full uniform, at a moments notice.