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Police Called to KwanzaaFest for Crowd Control

Firefighters and police rush to Fair Park



    NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff reports on crowding issue at KwanzaaFest. (Published Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011)

    Extra police and firefighters rushed to Dallas Fair Park Saturday afternoon for emergency crowd control at KwanzaaFest.

    The annual event organized by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price features music, vendors and health services.

    But hundreds of people were blocked from entering the Automobile Building where the event is being held because the crowd inside was already over capacity.

    A Dallas County Homeland Security official said there were security personnel on hand but the extra officers were called because people were angry about being refused entry and pressed to try and get in.

    The popular music group Mindless Behavior was a big attraction for many of the visitors.

    Many of the people who could not get in had tickets which were distributed free in advance in exchange for food and toy donations.

    A line to enter stretched around the building before the doors opened at 10am according to people who were there. After the popular concert was over, the crowd cleared out and KwanzaaFest continued.

    People waiting outside were allowed in with tickets accepted again at the door.

    But some who wanted to see the concert missed it.

    KwanzaaFest continues Sunday at the Automobile Building in Fair Park from 11am to 6pm.

    Financial records of the charity organization that operates KwanzaaFest were seized by the FBI in raids on Price's home and office in June.

    Public records indicate Price is the target of a government investigation on possible money laundering and bribery.

    Price has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyer said Friday an independent review conducted by the defense team has found all KwanzaaFest donations have been used properly.