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Police Alert Southlake Residents About Several Burglaries



    Southlake Residents Alerted to Burglaries

    Police are warning homeowners in Southlake about a series of burglaries within at least two neighborhoods. (Published Thursday, April 4, 2013)

    Residents in Southlake have been alerted to a series of burglaries in the area.

    The burglaries have been reported in at least two neighborhoods – Coventry and the 500 block of Fox Glenn – and are occurring while families sleep, police said.
    On Monday, a family was burglarized. Officers say the burglar broke into a garage then walked into the home while a family was sleeping.
    Officers believe the person, or persons, have hit at least eight different locations – including vehicles.
    Approximately $41,000 worth of items, including weapons has been stolen so far, according to police.
    Investigators have a description of a person of interest they believe to be anywhere from 25 to 35 years old, wears glasses and drives a dark color small SUV.
    Southlake police are urging anyone with information about these burglaries to contact them immediately.