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Parents Meet With Police Over Attempted Abductions

Officers brief residents on investigation



    Fort Worth police officers met with residents to talk about the investigation into three reports of attempted abductions in North Fort Worth. (Published Friday, May 23, 2014)

    Police assured concerned parents at a neighborhood meeting Friday night that the department is doing everything possible to investigate three reports of attempted child abductions in North Fort Worth.

    "It's very scary,” said Kristen Lagunes, mother of a 5-year-old daughter. "You just don’t want to hear about this happening in your neighborhood."

    In the meeting, a Fort Worth police neighborhood patrol officer briefed residents on the investigation.

    "The bottom line is you have the best of the best in our department investigating these cases," said officer Barry Sawyer.

    But finding the suspect or suspects could be a challenge.

    The first two children described a similar scenario in which a man in a pickup told them their mother was in the hospital and he needed to give them a ride.

    The third child, 12-year-old Ryan Driggars, gave a slightly different account, saying the man yelled at him.

    "Get in the truck now," the boy quoted the man as saying. "I said, ‘No.’His eyes got real wide."

    Driggars said the man briefly chased him.

    All three children have described a different color pickup -- red, blue, and tan.

    One victim drew a sketch of a tattoo the man had on his upper right arm. It was three crosses, each with a circle around it.

    The community meeting didn't erase anyone's fears but did help answer some questions.

    "This meeting helped us realize that our neighborhood is working on it," said mother Donna Wilson. "And the officers that we have here care about this neighborhood."