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North Texas Researchers Takes Aim at IEDs

Company hopes devices can combat threat of roadside bombs



    A Fort Worth company is developing an electrical jamming device that could help save the lives of troops fighting overseas.

    Improved explosive devices have been the most common killer during the wars Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Kaonetics Technologies Inc. has developed two technologies that can detect and disable the devices.

    One technology allows troops to temporarily paralyze a bomb before manually defusing it. It disrupts the connection between an activation remote and an IED, stopping the flow of electricity across circuit boards.

    North Texas Company Takes Aim at IEDs

    [DFW] North Texas Company Takes Aim at IEDs
    A North Texas company is developing a system they say will stop improvised explosive devices from functioning.
    (Published Thursday, March 8, 2012)

    "It leaves the age of X-rays and microwaves and radio frequency and moves into particle physics," said Mant Hawkins, a retired Marine colonel and Kaonetics vice president.

    The technology operates by releasing particle waves that disrupt the electronic functions of nearby devices -- anything from radars and remotes to cellphone and X-ray signals.

    The researchers are also excited about a second disarming device, an antenna that attaches to a vehicle and releases a circular jamming signal that disrupts electronic devices within an 800-meter area -- ideal for troops on patrol.

    The researchers hope to get the technologies to troops and police.