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The Sun is Good for Business



    The warmer weather is providing a financial boost for North Texas businesses crippled for nearly two weeks by winter weather.

    From icy roads and frigid temperatures, to soccer weather and sunshine; what a difference a day makes.

    "Even thought its 60 degrees, it feels like its 100 compared to last week," said Dallas resident, Adam Binnix.

    The North Texas deep thaw meant back to business for the Lily Pad Cafe at Main Street Gardens Park in downtown Dallas.

    "The winter storms, we definitely had to close for," said Lily Pad cashier, Mattie Huffman.  "No one out and about and its just not fun, but we're very, very excited to be back open with the warm weather."

    Saturday was also a picture perfect day for Stylist, India Lee and her photographer.  The winter weather meant a graduation photo shoot they were supposed to do was put on hold.

    "We thought today would be a good day because it was nice and sunny," said Lee.  "So she drove in from east Texas to come out and so here we are."

    As the sun set on a very productive day, North Texans stayed out and about for as long as they could.

    "Oh yeah, man we've been crazy busy today," said Huffman.  "Its been awesome, you know, keeping up with all of it has been a lot of fun.  And we're just so ready for spring and for summer and to have fun and have all of our neighbors back around us."

    Huffman's hope is old man winter is done with North Texas. "No more winter please, no more winter."