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NTTA Criticized for Tollway Ice Removal Efforts



    There are mixed reviews for the North Texas Tollway Authority on how it has dealt with ice buildup on toll roads considering. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013)

    The North Texas Tollway Authority has been working around the clock to remove ice from roads since the storm hit last week, but some North Texans criticize crew efforts.

    About 100 people have been working for the NTTA tirelessly since last Thursday. There have been 74 trucks, several with plows, attacking the roads managed by the NTTA.  

    Still, some North Texans think that for the money paid at tolls the roads weren't treated adequately.

    "There have been a lot of crusty and slippery places, especially on the bridges. I was a little surprised," said Penna Dexter.

    There were still stubborn pieces of ice on roadways Wednesday even with the sun out.

    A lot of the melting slush was ending up on cars and windshields. Crews are still out on overpasses working to clear ice.

    Drivers are still being cautioned to take it easy on bridges.

    "I think after four to five days, they need to be good," said Dexter.

    The NTTA thinks some drivers may have had unrealistic expectations. Crews used de-icing liquid at night when temperatures dropped, and plows and equipment to scrape melting ice during the day.