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Mesquite Unveils Plan to Fix Deteriorating Roads

Plan Includes County Funding for Major Roadways



    The City of Mesquite has a five-year plan to fix roads that are full of cracks and potholes. (Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013)

    The city of Mesquite has a plan to fix some major roads over the next five years, asking for some help from Dallas County.

    Aging roadways and the historic drought have left many streets with cracks and potholes in Mesquite. By city pavement condition standards, Motley Road is the worst road in Mesquite.

    "With the cracks and potholes and stuff like that now I can hear the springs clacking and clanking and sooner or later they will destroy the springs," said George Kearney who lives off Motley road.

    What he and others are saying doesn't surprise city leaders, that's why the City of Mesquite is unveiling a five year master plan to smooth the bumps in the roads.

    The city admits it is behind in repairs -- with at least 60 percent of the streets more than 40 years old.

    "If the city has the money to repair it, they need to do that, if they don't, they need to fix it with hot top or something like that because it is pretty rugged in the curb lane," said Kearney.

    Part of the plan is to get funding from Dallas County for major roads like Town East Boulevard, Lawson Road, Lucas Boulevard and North Galloway Avenue -- where the city is really pushing for funding.

    Businessowners in a shopping complex off of North Galloway Avenue said traffic was slowing down.

    "If you look at it, some other people just turn the other way because of the road it has a lot of dumps and holes and we don't want go through that, " said Hilda Gurresquieta from Baja Auto Insurance. "So we really want--us-- them to fix it as soon as possible."

    Some roads won't qualify for county funding but City leaders said Thursday they will learn what support they will get.

    They will report the plan before council on July 15.