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Man Who Breached Love Field Faces Federal Charge



    Man Who Breached Love Field Faces Federal Charge
    Ruben Jiminez Martinez

    A man arrested after police said he drove past a security gate, onto the taxiway and into a hangar at Love Field Airport on Sunday is now facing federal charges.

    In a criminal complaint released Wednesday, the FBI said that Ruben Jimenez Martinez, 36, knowingly violating a secured area.

    According to the criminal complaint, Martinez pulled up to the Business Jet gate and began pressing buttons on the gate access pad while saying "in the name of Jesus, open the gate."

    After one Business Jet employee opened the gate to address Martinez, another attempted to position his car between Martinez and the gate, but once the gate was open, Martinez slipped through and onto the taxiway, the FBI said.

    Martinez then sped, at speeds estimated to exceed 100 mph, down the taxiway toward a hangar as the Business Jet employees gave chase and called the police.

    Martinez then stopped at a hangar, got out and walked around before laying his body across two un-mounted aircraft tires.  Police arrived a short time later and took Martinez into custody, though he tried to pull away from them, according to the complaint. Martinez told the FBI he pulled away from the officer after he "tensed up and felt a sudden burst of strength."

    The FBI said Martinez waived his Miranda rights and told them that "he had a vision given to him by God of this same place and that he believed God had directed him to Love Field."

    Further, Martinez told the FBI that when in the hangar he dropped his keys, wallet and Bible before yelling three times, "in the name of Jesus."

    He also told the FBI that he knew it was illegal to enter the airport the way he did, to be driving on the taxiway and to enter the hangar and resist arrest.

    At last check, Martinez was being held in the Dallas County Jail on $250,000 bond.

    The incident is at least the second high-profile breach of security at Love Field in recent years. In August 2010, a Dallas police chase of a man in stolen pickup truck ended at the airport.

    Michael Lawrence Brown barreled through an airport fence and ended up on the runways. At the time of the incident, the airport said at the time that it had a Transportation Security Administration-approved security program.

    NBC 5's Scott Gordon and Ray Villeda contributed to this report.