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Man Unable to Get $750 Rebate, Until NBC 5 Responds Steps In



    NBC 5 Responds Helps Man Get $750 Rebate

    Waiting for rebate checks can take a while, but after 16 weeks one man called NBC 5 Responds for help. (Published Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017)

    BOGO, buy one get one, deals are common for everything from fast food sandwiches to fares on a cruise.

    Sam Paiboon saw a BOGO for a cellphone, so he bought two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones with the promise that he would get $750 back for one of the phones.

    Paiboon sent in all the required paperwork and was promised a check back between seven and 14 days. It never happened.

    He says he called Samsung repeatedly. Every time was told the same thing: wait another seven to 14 days.

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    He did that over and over again for 16 weeks, then he called NBC 5 Responds.

    We got on the line with Samsung, and got him his cash back. Samsung called Paiboon's experience unusual and said they're happy to have resolved it.

    They sent us a statement, saying, "We are reviewing this experience to try to ensure this doesn't happen again."

    One of the things Paiboon did was kept calling the same number for help. Sometimes you have to do some digging and find another customer service number or location.

    But when all else fails, you know who to call: NBC 5 Responds is here for you.

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