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Man Claims to Have Sword, Holds SWAT at Bay

SWAT team arrests man, searching for sword



    Man Claims to Have Sword, Holds SWAT at Bay
    Keaton Fox
    The scene along Jennings Avenue.

    Fort Worth Police have arrested a man who was holed up in a home for hours Thursday morning, after a woman said he broke into her house and threatened her with a sword.

    Police were originally called at about 4:30 a.m. to a home on the 3200-block of Jennings Avenue in Fort Worth when a woman said a man she knew was breaking into her home.

    She hid in a bedroom for a time with her sister and son, before escaping the home.

    The man stayed inside the home and would not come out, police said.

    They were never able to contact him before going into the home and arresting him. Police said they found the man hiding in a closet.

    Police did not recover a sword at the scene.  After talking with the woman after the incident, she told police she never actually saw a sword, just that the man told her he had a sword.

    Fort Worth Major Paul Henderson said the tactical operation takes time, but leads to successful and non-violent ends.

    "Today's operation was successful, and it's because we had time on our side," Henderson said.

    No one was injured.