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Local Web Site Riffs on Garage Sales

Questionable practices highlighted



    Local Web Site Riffs on Garage Sales

    More than a couple of rules and regulations in the form of city ordinances govern garage sales in Dallas.

    Only two are allowed annually per address, the sale must be on the property of the person conducting said sale, the organizers must obtain a city permit, the goods should be contained to a garage or patio, the items must be legally owned by the seller -- ya know, not stolen -- and so on.

    A few people, though, kind of bend the rules -- hmm, imagine that -- and this Web site chronicles some of the grifters skirting, and in some cases, flouting the laws.

    The site includes photos, for example, of folks set up in the parking lot of a vacant burger joint -- and hey, if it's vacant, what's that mail truck doing parked outside? -- articles of clothing in the original packaging or with the original price tags, seemingly itinerant flea markets lining the shoulder of a highway, and in one specific example, someone selling toilet paper mercifully in its packaging and not second-hand.

    Hello, code enforcement. The city needs money. This stuff is low-hanging citation fruit. Getting the hint yet?

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. It's about time for him to have a garage sale but he doesn't have a garage.