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Jurors Hear 911 Call, Gunshot in Burglary Case

911 call, interview with defendant played in punishment phase of trial



    More Testimony in Patterson Sentencing

    Jurors in Fort Worth heard more testimony in the sentencing phase of Broderick Patterson's trial. Patterson admits to killing another teen during a robbery. (Published Tuesday, May 1, 2012)

    Jurors heard on Tuesday the 911 call made by the victim of a fatal burglary in southwest Fort Worth two years during the punishment phase of the trial.

    Broderick Patterson, now 18, could spend the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty to the murder of Eric Forrester, then 18.

    Forrester was shot and killed when he and his sister came home for lunch and interrupted the burglary on April 12, 2010.

    Jurors heard the 911 call Forrester placed on his cellphone, which he put in his pocket after making the call.

    On the call, a man can be heard yelling at Forrester to get a bag, presumably for the items he and anothre person had just grabbed when Forrester and his sister returned home. After the robbers yell at Forrester, a gunshot and then an exclamation of shock by one of the two people.

    It is not clear who is on the tape, and police do not know who the shooter was. But Detective Mike Carroll said police know the two were there based on fingerprints and their own confessions.

    In a separate recording played to the jury, Carroll is heard interviewing Patterson shortly after his arrest. Patterson at first denies he was there and then changes his story several times during the interview. In a notable exchange, Patterson jokes about the two men blaming each other for shooting Forrester.

    "That's how it's going to be, though," Patterson is heard saying. "You know, the one person who does the shooting is going to blame the other person."

    Carroll testified that Patterson was laughing during that portion of the interview and that his demeanor throughout was very calm and relaxed, which he doesn't normally see when interviewing someone about a murder.

    Other evidence that came out on Tuesday included a blue, puffy vest one of the suspects was wearing. The vest was seen by Forrester's sister and a construction worker near the crime scene. Police found it and two stolen laptops belonging to the Forresters in Patterson's home when they searched it the day after his arrest.

    During cross examination, it was revealed that prosecutors had not matched any fingerprints of Patterson to the home until just last week. The duo also didn't break into the home, as the rear door was unlocked, but the fence to the backyard was damaged.

    Testimony is expected to continue as the jury will decide whether Patterson will face life in prison.

    During the morning session Tuesday, the defendant's brother was removed from court after he became agitated during testimony.