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Getaway Driver Had Infant in Back Seat

Bank robber gets almost 4 years



    Getaway Driver Had Infant in Back Seat

    Waylon McDonald and Inequa Rushing planned and executed a bank heist in Dallas during January.

    It didn’t quite work out the way they planned it. They were caught, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to 262 months and 46 months, respectively, in federal prison.

    While McDonald waited in the car, Rushing donned a disguise and went inside. She produced a note that, according to U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks’ office, read: “I HAVE A GUN GIVE ME THE MONEY - NO ONE WILL GET HURT.. ‘HURRY’ Bitch!!”

    High marks on spelling but points off for punctuation, or the lack thereof save the excessive exclamation marks, attempted ellipsis, and random use of single quote marks.

    The teller give up the money and, being well-schooled in customer service, provided a little something extra — exploding packs of red dye.

    Rushing returned to the car with the money in her purse, and they drove away. Only thing was Rushing’s 4-month-old premature baby was in the backseat receiving oxygen from a tank. The dye packs exploded, the car filled with smoke and a cloud of dye, and McDonald tossed the purse — IDs and all — out the window.

    Police retrieved said purse, probably chuckled a bit because it contained Rushing’s name and address, and proceeded to arrest the pair.

    McDonald, according to the Justice Department release, received the far stiffer sentence, which he must serve sans parole, because his “extensive criminal record played a large role in the sentence.”

    That and the type of role model he provided to the kid, no doubt.

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