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Garland City Leaders Denounce Hate Letters

Hispanic and city leaders reassure Garland is safe for Latinos



    Community leaders take a stand against hate letters received by Latino residents (Published Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011)

    NBC 5 first reported some hateful and racially charged letters being targeted at Latino families in Garland. At least four families received personally addressed letters, identical in format, mailed to their houses between last Friday and Saturday.

    While police are still investigating what could potentially be prosecuted as a hate crime, city officials and Hispanic leaders spoke out denouncing the act.

    “I think it’s disgusting, despicable, I condemn it as mayor,” said Ronald E. Jones, Garland Mayor.

    Garland’s City Council is now working on a resolution condemning the letters. The resolution will be brought forth before council for a vote on Tuesday. The Mayor reassured residents that the city would commit all its resources to bring this matter to justice.

    “I want them to be secure and I don’t want them to be afraid,” said Jones. “We detest it, we condemn it and we commit all of our resources as we investigate this matter."

    Councilwoman Laura Perkins Cox who represents the district where the letters were sent said this kind of hate is not what Garland is about.

    “To open up your mailbox and have your home invaded with this kind of hate and intolerance at Christmas time, I think is doubly hurtful,” said Cox.

    Hispanics represent about 30 percent of Garland’s population, and for Tony Torres, president of the Garland Hispanic Community Affairs, Hispanics are not going anywhere and should not be afraid.

    “I was very disappointed and shocked to see this happen in our community of Garland,” said Torres. “Because we have strived to live and enjoy the diversity that you see in Garland."

    The letters were all mailed from Fort Worth, and police have alerted the FBI. Authorities ask residents to bring the letters to police so they may be processed through forensics for any evidence.  If you have received a letter, please call 972-272-TIPS.