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Fort Worth Making Progress on Feral Hogs

Eight hogs caught in last week



    Fort Worth has seen some success on trapping feral hogs in the River Bend Estates neighborhood. (Published Wednesday, April 27, 2011)

    The fight against feral hogs in Fort Worth is seeing early signs of success.

    On April 12, neighbors in the River Bend Estates neighborhood in northeast Fort Worth said their yards had been decimated by feral hogs and they wanted the city do something.

    The city council gave the approval to code compliance to start a feral animal program aimed at capturing the problem animals.

    In the 10 days since traps were set up north of River Bend Estates, eight feral hogs have been captured including two more Monday night.

    "We're encouraged, we think that the processes we've put in place have been successful and will continue to be," said Scott Harlan, Assistant Code Compliance Director. "Once we get the program up and running we hope to take what we've done here to other hot spots in the city."

    The hogs are lured in with feed and caught on motion sensor cameras, which let code compliance officers know how many more are still out there. A larger trap is rigged with tire to trick the pigs in, that's where the two were caught Monday night.

    "Our best strategy is to get larger pens and try to catch families, they travel in families, and the hope is to get them removed," Hanlan said.

    And after removing eight in 10 days, with about another seven or eight still out there, the city feels they're getting a good handle on the hogs.

    "We're real pleased with the progress that we're making after 10 days," said Hanlan.

    The city is still looking to buy more traps to add to the growing feral animal program, something officials say is needed as the city continues to grow.