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Flower Mound Police Warn Businesses About Burglaries



    Flower Mound Police Warn Businesses About Burglaries
    Flower Mound police are warning local business owners to take extra precautions after a rash of break-ins over the weekend.

    Police in Flower Mound are warning small business owners to be careful after a string of burglaries over the weekend.

    Investigators say five different places in Flower Mound were broken into over the weekend.

    Capt. Richard Brooks said business owners should secure their business and make sure their alarms and video surveillance systems are properly activated and work.

    "Make it as hard as you can," he said. "Don't leave cash in the cash register. Leave the drawer open where they can tell that there's nothing in there."

    Four break-ins occurred early Sunday morning.

    "Glass was everywhere," said Leonora Simmons, the owner of Crush! A Wine Boutique. "For somebody to just come in and take [what he or she wants] want like that and just bust out your glass -- it's not very nice."

    The burglar stole cash, a flat-screen TV, several bottles of fine wine and all of the store's expensive cigars.

    "Everything was just upside down, dumped over, the boxes on the floor," Simmons said. "They even took the things that keep the humidor fresh."

    The burglar even stopped long enough to enjoy some items.

    "They had a bottle of wine out back and a cigar," Simmons said.

    Two other stores in Parker Square were burglarized at about the same time.

    In addition, another Flower Mound business was broken into on Sunday morning, and one was burglarized Friday.

    In each case, the burglar smashed in the glass in the front door. Police said surveillance video from one of the stores showed one man inside.