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Flower Mound High School Wins Grammy Gold



    Flower Mound High School Wins Grammy Gold
    Flower Mound High School had won multiple awards from the Grammy Foundation.

    Flower Mound High School can brag about winning its third Grammy Gold award in five years.

    Only seven schools out of the 20,000 eligible in the U.S. got the coveted music honor this year.

    The school was chosen for the quality of their performances, musical education, and support from administrators and the community.

    "We're all known as nerds because half of our iPods have choir music on them," said Sean Steele, choir president and a senior at Flower Mound. "It is the passion. It's the drive to be better."

    Grammy Gold in DFW

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    Flower Mound High School has won its third Grammy Gold Award in five years.
    (Published Friday, June 10, 2011)

    Student musicians said their dedication and hard work, along with enthusiastic teachers, produce excellence in music.

    "They're the best kids in the world," said Mark Rohwer, choir director. "It's a dream job. It's an absolute dream job. There's just nothing like coming into class everyday. There's not a day I don't wake up and thank God I'm in this school and this program because every day I wake up, the kids are just fired up and ready to go. And you just can't beat that."

    Flower Mound High School has earned four Grammy awards, including three golds, since the school opened in 1999. Six hundred students are involved in music, meaning one in five is in band, orchestra, or choir. The school has 15 established musical groups.

    "There's just something that's so soothing, so amazing about the perfect triad or the performance that goes really well. And you can tell from the students' eyes too. They know when things have clicked. There's nothing more spectacular than that," said Rob Myers, band director.

    And they had to be spectacular for the Grammy Foundation to give the school $5,500, which the music program will use to buy guitars for a new instrumental ensemble.

    "It's a big family, and we all understand each other and to be able to produce music and wonderful sounds together, is really amazing," said flutist Kendall Stevenson.

    Allen and Plano West High School also won the award, meaning three of the seven winning schools are in North Texas.