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Entrepreneur Encourages Female Business Owners



    Entrepreneur Encourages Female Business Owners
    An Addison entrepreneur is telling women it's time to "wake up and get busy."

    An Addison entrepreneur is telling women it's time to "wake up and get busy."

    Sandra Yancey, the founder and CEO of eWomen Network, says female business owners need to believe they deserve "wild success."

    "The most important thing for me is to let people know what is the No. 1 factor of why most people don't accomplish their dreams. And it's that they don't make the decision, don't commit and make the decision: 'I want this, deserve this and I can make it happen,'" she said.

    Yancey's 10-year-old multimillion dollar networking organization helps members get more business through stronger relationships.

    "I think networking, in the end, is what differentiates successful companies from the ones that aren't," she said.

    "Less than two percent of all women business owners break a million dollars in revenue. That's something I want to change," she said.

    There is growing optimism among women business owners about the health of the U.S. economy. Sixty-one percent of members polled by the National Association of Women Business Owners think the time to seize opportunities is now.

    "I think a lot of people have taken a wait-and-see approach, and the truth is now is a wonderful time to be building a business, get a leg up," Yancey said.

    "In 2009, for the first time in the history of this nation, women surpassed men in the workforce," Yancey said. "Women are starting businesses at rate of two-to-one to men. Women understand that they want flexibility and control in their lives."

    She said business owners need to decide to be successful and compared the process to weight loss.

    "For those last 10 pounds, it's about moving, exercising, eating less and eating smarter," she said. "And yet, so many women don't choose to do those things to lose those 10 pounds. But the ones that decide, 'I'm really going to do this,' are committed to it, and nothing will stand in their way. No luscious piece of cheesecake will allow them to come over and consume it when they've made the decision that what they want to do is lose those last 10 pounds."

    The 2010 Women's Success Imperative with Sandra Yancey tour comes back to North Texas in May.