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End Near for Frisco Recycling Woes



    End Near for Frisco Recycling Woes

    City leaders in Frisco say there is an end in sight to residents’ recycling woes. (Published Tuesday, July 8, 2014)

    City leaders in Frisco say there is an end in sight to residents’ recycling woes.

    On August 1, the transition between current contractor, CWD, and new partner, Progressive, will be finalized.

    Some residents already have new bins and are seeing new service.

    “At the end of the day, it is our responsibility,” said Deputy City Manager Henry Hill.

    “These are the citizens of Frisco and they’re having a collection service they’re paying for.”

    For months, however, residents have seen delays in service from CWD.

    The city says the contractor reported having a shortage of skilled drivers to operate recycling trucks in April.

    In February, city council had voted to let CWD’s contract with Frisco expire in favor of Progressive, which had won the bidding process.

    By May, the city reported as many as 500 homes missed for recycling pick up each cycle.

    “At the beginning, it was sporadic - a missed street here, a missed street in another location,” said Hill. “The problem has been cascading over the last several weeks.”

    To help, the city invested in having Progressive start its contract early.

    Right now, Hill says, they’ve taken over about 2/3 of the city’s recycling routes.

    However, delays are still being reported in the city.

    “We are on our third week of not having the recycling picked up,” said Kaylynn Weyand, who lives near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Farm-to-Market 423 in West Frisco. “You can see the flies. It’s just a breeding ground.”

    Weyand’s home is still using CWD service and trash and recycling bins.

    CWD has scheduled and performed extra Saturday pickups in an attempt to catch up with missed services.

    City staff members tell NBC5 they do not anticipate any delays after the August transition.