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Emergency Medicine Advances Shared at Dallas Conference



    Emergency Medicine Conference Held in Dallas

    The annual emergency medicine conference is underway in Dallas. It features the latest medical advances from around the nation. (Published Friday, Feb. 22, 2013)

    Hundreds of emergency medicine experts from around the nation are in Dallas to share the latest life-saving advances.

    A new communication protocol between paramedics in the field and doctors at Dallas County hospitals was presented to the other cities at the conference. The protocol has reduced the heart attack death rate by almost 50 percent over the past two years

    "It's a wonderful achievement, and we're so proud, and the only reason this happened is, we all came together as a group," said Dr. Raymond Fowler, UT Southwestern Medical Center professor of emergency medicine.

    "We've put it together in a book that we can pass on to other communities to say, 'If you follow these rules and these steps, you can do the same thing in your community," Fowler said.

    The conference at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, which is being held Friday and Saturday, includes displays of the latest EMS technology from equipment vendors.

    Fowler said better equipment for patient monitoring in the field and communication with doctors in hospitals contributes to the improved heart attack save rates in Dallas.

    "There has never been more abundance of data management than now, and we in Dallas should be so proud because we are taking full advantage of that," he said.

    The annual meeting is organized by Dr. Paul Pepe, Dallas Fire-Rescue medical director and chair of emergency medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center.