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Easy Money: Get Paid To Shop as a Mystery Shopper



    Easy Money: Get Paid To Shop as a Mystery Shopper

    Making extra money without much effort, it's usually too good to be true, but not always. A Lewisville mother says she gets paid to go shopping, as a mystery shopper. (Published Thursday, April 13, 2017)

    Marcie Mowers has what many of us may consider a dream job; she gets paid to go shopping.

    "It's fun! Fun to go to new places. When you do the gas station shops, you get gas for free, and you get paid."

    Marcie signed up online after her family relocated to North Texas and she was looking for some part time work while caring for her kids.

    Now she's a mystery shopper, trying out businesses and sending her thoughts to the company owner.

    "You have to be a good liar. It's hard to get used to because I'm pretty honest person, but eventually it starts to become natural. You're given a brief of what to do, how to act, as long as you follow that it's pretty natural."

    Gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. She told us she's often checking to make sure the parking lots are clean, and the employees are on their game.

    "You're waiting to hear "did you find everything you need, is there anything i can help you with?." 

    With a little effort it pays off.

    "You could do a couple gas shops a week and fill your tank, plus get paid.... If you did it well, and were on time and attentive you could make a couple hundred dollars a month."

    Marcie says there are many mystery shopper sites out there and not all are legitimate. She did her homework checking with reviews and the Better Business Bureau before she picked one.

    She says she's loved every minute of it and says she hasn't been caught yet. 

    Again the scammers are out there too. You should never have to pay to be a mystery shopper. There shouldn't be any application fees, and never wire anyone money or deposit a check into your bank account. Those are all huge red flags and most likely a scam.

    Marcie Mowers recommends the following Mystery Shopper sites: 


    Sentry Marketing

    Martiz Research

    We encourage you to do your own research before you enter into a deal with anyone.

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