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Dedication of Some SWA Employees More Than Skin Deep

Three Southwest Airlines employees show love for their jobs with tattoos



    Southwest Employees Show Dedication in Ink

    Three Southwest Airlines employees wear their company love on their arms. (Published Thursday, June 7, 2012)

    Some Southwest Airlines employees love working for the airline so much, they show it in ink.

    Ashley Avanzino-Curran, Jeffrey Frazier and Calvin Lawrence all have Southwest tattoos. They met after the airline sent out an email for National Tattoo Day asking about unique employee tattoos and posted a blog item on the responses.

    Avanzino-Curran caught the Southwest spirit at an early age. Her co-workers started calling her the "SWA baby" when she was an intern.

    "They discovered that my mom's been working for Southwest for five years, that I have this picture of with Herb Kelleher, you know, from when I was 11 years old, so they just call me the 'SWA baby,'" she said.

    She's now a full-time employee.

    "It just represents my passion for flying, and a lot of people, they get tattoos of their family members, family members' names or portraits, and Southwest is my family, so I got my family on my arm," she said.

    Jeffrey Frazier, an aircraft maintenance technician, decided on his tattoo during his first day on the job 11 years ago.

    "Since I thought that getting the job at Southwest was a very momentous occasion in my life, I noticed that logo and thought, 'That'd make a great tattoo,'" he said.

    Mechanic Calvin Lawrence's tattoo is personal. He designed it himself after just one year at Southwest, which is why it was a secret until just a few days ago.

    "I'm very proud of being from Texas," he said. "I'm very proud of working for Southwest Airlines."

    And all three said they won't have any regrets if their love for Dallas-based Southwest goes south.

    "That's a part of my history," Lawrence said. "It's a part of who I am and it's part of what I did and I would carry it around with me wherever I went, proudly."