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Dallas Police Take Bite Out of Crime in February

Vioent crimes, property crimes drop compared to February 2010



    Dallas Police Take Bite Out of Crime in February
    Dallas police say crime in February fell compared to the same month last year.

    Crime in Dallas is down this February, Dallas police said Tuesday.

    Overall crime dropped 15.4 percent, according to a crime report Chief David Brown submitted to city leaders Tuesday afternoon.

    Car break-ins were also down but are still one of the city's biggest problems. Compared to February 2010, motor vehicle burglaries were down 17.1 percent.

    Despite the reduction, more than 2,000 vehicles were broken into this month, including Jarrod Rouanzoin's Jeep Wrangler.

    "It’s a feeling of like, helplessness," he said. "I had been violated, and there was nothing that I could even do about it."

    Thieves stole more than $500 in property and did hundreds more in damage to the SUV while Rouanzoin was eating at a restaurant in the Knox/Henderson area Monday night.

    Brown said violent crimes are the most serious, but property crimes, like break-ins, are the most prolific.

    "Residential burglaries are only down about 1 percent, and car burglaries are down 17 percent, so you know, one is really good down to a central level, but we need to work on residential burglaries, and I think interactions with neighborhoods will lead us to that point," he said.

    While some speculated that crime is down because of cold weather and icy conditions, Brown pointed out that the weather was just as bad in February 2010, when North Texas saw record-breaking snowfall.