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City Employees Hold Fundraiser for Injured Crossing Guard

Garland crossing guard in rehabilitation after car hit him in May



    City of Garland employees came together to raise money for 74-year-old Crossing guard Jerry Rosamond. He hit by a car just before school let out for the summer. (Published Wednesday, June 27, 2012)

    City of Garland employees are holding a fundraiser for a Garland crossing guard who was struck in May.

    Jerry Rosamond, 74, was struck while he was working near Couch Elementary School.

    City employees are hosting a lunch fundraiser on Friday to help his family. Rosamond worked for the city for 12 years.

    "We're like a family, and if one of our co-workers hits a tough time, the rest of us want to pitch in and help," Dorothy White said.

    Rosamond's battle with mouth cancer has left him barely able to speak, and he now faces a new struggle.

    "We have never given up hope -- ever," said his wife, Pamela Rosamond.

    He was standing in the intersection at Roan Road and Waterhouse Boulevard and holding a stop sign when he was struck. He sustained a cracked pelvis, broken legs and a head injury.

    "All I could see was blood on the street," Pamela Rosamond said. "I was terrified."

    Jerry Rosamond, who has been in rehabilitation for a month, will have to learn how to walk again.

    "You have no idea how proud I am," his wife said. "He was my hero from the first moment I met him, and he still is my hero."

    Garland police said the woman who hit Rosamond told officers she didn't see him in the intersection because she was blinded by sunlight. Police have since given her two citations.

    "We hold no ill will against that woman; she's forgiven," Pamela Rosamond said. "God tells us to forgive those who trespass against us."

    Her husband is guarding a positive outlook, despite a year full of hardships.

    "We have faith he'll be good again," she said.

    Donations can be sent to:
    City of Garland Transportation Department
    Attn: Sharon Brown
    P.O. Box 469002
    Garland, TX 75046