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Missing Child Report Is Bogus

Child's father angry over woman's false report



    A woman's report that a child was stolen along with her car Friday morning was bogus, police say.

    According to Dallas police, the woman, 24-year-old Majesti King, along with her boyfriend, stopped at a beauty supply store Friday morning. King went in to do some shopping, but her car -- along with her boyfriend and $2,000 in cash that she had in the vehicle -- was gone when she came out of the store.

    Police said it appears that King hoped officers would find the car -- and her $2,000 -- more quickly if they thought they were looking for an infant in danger.

    "She just wanted to get that car back and get her money, so that's why she concocted the kidnapping story," Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said.

    Woman Arrested in Amber Alert Hoax

    [DFW] Woman Arrested in Amber Alert Hoax
    Dallas police arrested Majesti King after she told police her car was stolen with an infant in the back seat, turns out the child was at home with her parents all along.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 28, 2011)

    Investigators said King then told police she had left her best friend's child alone in the car while she ran in to do some quick shopping.

    Police had originally said the woman who made the report was the child's mother.

    Investigators said the King's story started to fall apart pretty quickly when police interviewed her. She couldn't remember simple details such as her friend's phone number or where her friend was getting her hair done, police said.

    Police Find Baby After Bogus Amber Alert

    [DFW] Police Find Baby After Bogus Amber Alert
    Dallas police say the report of a child inside a stolen car that led them to issue an Amber Alert was bogus, the child was found safe with her mother.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 28, 2011)

    Officers then learned about the boyfriend, the $2,000 and that the child in question was actually with her parents.

    The child's father, Jason Crawford, said he was sleeping in bed next to his daughter when his phone started ringing off the hook Friday morning. He turned on the news and saw the Amber Alert and then notified police that his child was with him.

    There's more: Crawford told police that King asked him to lie to police and say that he found the child at a gas station.

    "I'm angry she had so many people worried, and now I'm flooded with calls," he said.

    King was arrested, and police said she will be charged with making a false alarm or report causing a public communication (Amber Alert), which is a state jail felony.

    King's boyfriend, the car and the $2,000 are still unaccounted for. Police said if the boyfriend did leave in the car he will not be charged with auto theft because the car was left in the care of the couple.

    NBC DFW's Grant Stinchfield contributed to this report.