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Broadway Gives Its Regards

Fort Worth church splits with Baptist General Convention of Texas



    Broadway Gives Its Regards
    Josh Keppel

    It was a match made in Heaven, literally, I guess, that lasted more than 120 years. Now, it’s over.

    Broadway Baptist Church of Fort Worth recently announced its breakup with the Baptist General Convention of Texas because the two entities disagree on whether or not to accept gays and lesbians into the flock.

    Broadway says, “Yeah, hey, good to see you. C’mon in,” while the BGCT slams the door, runs, and hides in a closet.

    According to an Associated Press article, Broadway Pastor Brent Beasley told The Dallas Morning News that the church is "committed to welcoming all people here."

    The BGCT and the Southern Baptist Convention stick to a conviction that homosexuality is a sin and people of that persuasion are not welcome.

    So churches that are part of either organization don’t want sinners in the pews? It would make their job a lot easier, I guess, but seems rather contradictory to one of a church’s main goals — saving sinners.

    On the other side of the head-scratching coin, the BGCT and SBC in 2009 cut ties with Broadway Baptist because of this very tiff, according to that AP report. Wouldn’t that be kinda like me, today, saying I’m splitting from my wife, who divorced me a year ago?

    OK, then, let the incendiary comments commence.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He is neither religious nor gay, but if he had to choose …