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Boy Shoots Dog With BB Gun in Pleasant Grove

Boy sent to juvenile center after confessing to shooting dog



    Boy Shoots Dog With BB Gun in Pleasant Grove

    There is another report of animal abuse out of Pleasant Grove.

    According to a police report, police were called to the 9800-block of Bluffcreek Drive on April 14 after a dog owner reported someone shot his Chihuahua with a BB gun.

    Ricardo Banda said he was inside his home when he heard his dog Nono yelp loudly in the yard.  He ran to check on his dog and a witness told him that "three young kids" shot his dog with a BB gun.

    Banda said he then went down the street, where he found three kids with a BB gun.  Banda took the weapon and asked the three to come back to his house, which they did.

    The police were called and when officers arrived they asked who had pulled the trigger.  One of the boys admitted he had done it, but that it was an accident.

    The dog, meanwhile, appeared to be in serious condition, was vomiting and had a bleeding wound.  

    Nono's current condition is not known.

    The boy was taken into custody and transported him to the Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center.