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Alleged Puppy Mill Busted, Again



    Approximately 50 dogs were rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Kaufman County, according to the Animal Rescue Corps.

    The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office seized 49 chihuahuas, Malteses, miniature schnauzers and four litters of puppies Wednesday.

    Seven of the dogs are expecting puppies, so the number of animals could go up to nearly 90.

    The alleged puppy mill has been a target of law enforcement in the past. In August 2009, sheriff's deputies and the Humane Society raided the Klassie Kennel. More than 500 animals were seized.

    Dogs Rescued From Alleged "Puppy Mill"

    [DFW] Dogs Rescued From Alleged "Puppy Mill"
    Dozens of dogs were rescued from the property of a woman convicted of animal cruelty.
    (Published Wednesday, May 4, 2011)

    Margaret Boyd, 73, was convicted of animal cruelty.

    The sheriff's department moved in Wednesday when they obtained evidence Boyd was in violation of probation.

    "The probation mandates the owner is only allowed to keep two dogs and the animals must be spayed or neutered," Kaufman County Sheriff Deputy Daryl Landrum said in a news release. "Kaufman County will not tolerate this violation, and we will continue to aggressively prosecute cases of animal cruelty."

    Deputies found many of the dogs seized had no access to food or water and were suffering from malnutrition and hair loss. The puppies were found to be living in enclosures with so much urine and feces that they were breathing high levels of ammonia.

    "I wasn't surprised, really, but at the same time, I was relieved that we were there, and I was relieved that we could look into those dogs' eyes and tell them that they don't have to continue life as they know it now," said Monica Ailey, of Animal Rescue Corps, a nonprofit that helped deputies remove the dogs from the property.

    Boyd's parole was revoked, and she is being held in the Kaufman County jail. The sheriff's office said she will likely face more charges Thursday morning.

    An emergency shelter has been set up at the Kaufman County Fairgrounds. The animals will receive veterinary exams, vaccinations and any medical treatment needed.

    After a custody hearing Friday, the animals may be placed with shelters and rescue groups in the area.

    NBC DFW's Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.