7-Year-Old Crawls Under Barn to Save Puppy

Nina Boyett loves dogs, and when the Fort Worth 7-year-old and her aunt discovered a pregnant dog under an old barn, they began trying to figure out how to get her out.

That dog had her litter of 10 puppies, but only one survived.

First her aunt and local rescue group volunteer got the dog out, and then Nina jumped in to help rescue the puppy.

She crawled under the barn and through a crawl space just a little bigger than the length of an iPhone.

In cell phone video from the rescue, Nina stops halfway out and asks, "Can we keep it?"

The second grader at Bruce Shulkey Elementary says she would probably do it again.

"I think she was excited to see me and save her," she said.

The puppy, an Australian shepherd mix, was named Princess Nina.

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