6-Year-Old Brings Lemonade Stand to North Texas to Help Fallen Officers

Grand Prairie is the first of 14 stops in Texas for 6-year-old Theresa Ann Babcock

Ice cold lemonade sounds pretty good on a hot day, but it tastes even sweeter when it's for a good cause.

A 6-year-old brought her traveling stand, Love With Lemons, to North Texas Monday.

She came to support police and they showed her love right back

"Lemonade, lemonade, come get your ice cold lemonade," Theresa Ann Babcock shouted.

She's a little girl on a big mission that all started three years ago.

"How long have you been doing it?" Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye asked.

"Since I was 3," she answered.

After the July 7, 2016 Dallas ambush where five officers died, she decided it's better to give than to receive.

"We need to show our officers that there's still people out here who care about them and appreciate them," her father Robert Babcock said.

With her parents' help, Theresa created Love With Lemons, raising more than $10,000 for police. Each cup not only benefits injured and fallen officers, it fills her up with joy.

"She loves giving the hugs to the officers and making them smile," her father said.

Each summer, the Las Vegas trio travels to a new state. This year, focusing on Texas with 14 stops.

The first one was at Norma's Café in Dallas, then outside a water park in Grand Prairie to benefit Officer A.J. Castaneda's family.

The veteran was struck and killed on the job last month. His brothers and sisters in blue lined up to say thanks.

"I'm speechless on how this touches us, you know we're still healing and to see that smiling shining face just smiling and telling us how my she loves our profession, it just really helps to re-energize us," Dye said.

Her actions speak volumes when she's often at a loss for words.

"Sometimes she's shy, but when it comes to that lemonade stand and she wants to get that money and get those people to get the lemonade, she'll yell it nice and loud," Robert Babcock said.

Just a girl and her stand with a big show of support.

"A gesture the size of Texas from a little petite 6-year-old, that's pretty awesome," Dye said.

Love With Lemons' plans to stop in Fort Worth before traveling to other cities, including Austin and Houston.

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