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26 Mayoral Elections Held Saturday



    26 Mayoral Elections Held Saturday
    Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck won his re-election campaign Saturday.

    Mayoral races in Arlington, McKinney and Plano have been decided and nearly two dozen others are being counted Saturday night.

    In Arlington, 72 percent of the voters voted for incumbent Mayor Robert Cluck who was challenged for the mayor's office by Jerry Pikulinski.

    In Plano, with both mayoral candidates being black, the city was assured their first black mayor.  The only thing left to decide was the winner.  With 59 percent of the vote, Harry LaRosiliere defeated Fred Moses.  Neither of the candidates thought their race was a terribly important issue and preffered the focus be on what they planned to do for the city of Plano.

    A resounding number of McKinney voters picked Brian Loughmiller as their mayor.  Loughmiller defeated challenger Derrick E. Johnson, who only earned 10 percent of the vote.

    In Northlake, with 59 percent of the vote, Peter Dewing defeated Michael Savoie.

    Hector Felton won a very narrow mayoral race in Watauga by defeating Robert Leon 44 percent to 42 percent.

    In all, there were 26 mayoral races in North Texas on Saturday.  To see results from all of them, visit our results page.