250 Bees Sting 74-Year-Old Man

A 74-year-old Waco man survived being stung more than 250 times in an attack by bees while he mowed his yard.

Harold Braun was hospitalized Tuesday at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco.

A nursing official, who declined to be identified, told The Associated Press that Braun was in stable condition.

Braun was attacked Monday while using a riding lawn mower.

His 72-year-old brother, Al Braun, said the victim apparently ran over an area covered by a rubber mat and the movement aggravated the nearby bees.

Al Braun told the Waco Tribune-Herald that his older brother phoned him for help. Emergency personnel were also summoned.

KCEN-TV reports paramedics pulled more than 150 stingers from Harold Braun. Another 100 or so stingers were removed at the hospital.

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