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Rockwall County Named Among Healthiest Counties in Texas



    Rockwall County Named Among Healthiest Counties in Texas
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    The county of Rockwall came in sixth place in Health Outcomes among the 232 counties in Texas that were rated on Friday.

    A program called The County Health Ranking & Roadmaps conducted a study that rated counties based on their health factors. The quality of air and water, accessibility to healthy foods, levels of obesity, education and economic factors were all taken into consideration, says Rockwall Economic Development Corporation in a press release.

    The results of the study done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute were released in 2014. Rockwall County Judge Jerry Hogan said she is very happy with the final results.

    "We all knew we were living in a great place, and our judgment just continues to be reconfirmed as more and more quantitate indicators such as this are published. We do live in a great place in Rockwall County, Texas," said Hogan.

    The County Health Ranking & Roadmaps believes the opportunities provided by a community can drastically impact the health of its citizens. According to the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation the city provides many health and fitness opportunities to its public.

    Clubs and events are created through out the year to create a healthy culture in Rockwall. One annual event in Rockwall is the U.S. Open Triathlon and the Gladiator Rock'n Run which are held at Lake Ray Hubbard.

    Another opportunity provided to the public is participation in the group Rockwall Running Club which helps people maintain a good fitness. More than 8,000 residents were involved in running events that took place in Rockwall last year, said a press release.

    A member of the RCC Rhonda Mishler said "I can tell you that being a part of this club has enhanced my motivation to get healthy and stronger. The club has a huge membership and is comprised of a vast array of people from all walks of life. Whether you are a new runner, or a well-seasoned 'elite' runner, the club has a program to meet your needs. There are runners of every pace, so there is always someone there to pair up with when you come out at 5 a.m. to run the streets of Rockwall, or the track at Williams Stadium. There are also evening coordinated runs. We are blessed with a fantastic group of people who are always willing to mentor, to challenge and to help everyone meet their goals. Our motto is 'No runner left behind.' This group goes beyond the running part of gathering; we have developed treasured friendships and are there to help each other outside of just the running aspect."

    The county of Rockwall was recognized by the Road Runners Club of America as a Runner Friendly Community this year.

    Aside from the many parks and sports facilities, the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation said, many businesses in the county have also taken actions to provide health initiatives and opportunities to their employees. 

    Some of the many businesses that help provide opportunities to Rockwall citizens are The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation, the L-3 Communication ComCept, and Whitmore Manufacturing.

    "Corporate walking groups have become very popular among the businesses in the Rockwall Technology Park," said Sheri Franza, President & CEO of the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation. "Every day, many business employees and Rockwall residents walk the Park, building friendships and collaborating on business opportunities. When individuals feel physically, socially and emotionally fit, they make greater contributions to their company and community."

    L-3 Communications ComCept created a program called Choose Good Health Program. This program gives their employees incentives when they get regular physical exams and health tests. The company also provides free flu shots, preventative screenings, and Wellness Fitness Programs at nearby gyms.

    Another company in Rockwall that provides a fitness room to their employees is Whitmore Manufacturing. Special Products & Manufacturing also takes part in making sure their employees are healthy by creating a Wellness Challenge.

    The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps said health is encouraged and nourished in the county of Rockwall, making the city an elite place to live in.